I am Brian Sabana

I am a Kenyan Based Software Developer,Web Designer and App Developer..
Technology is my passion and programming is my hobby.Check me out

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This is Me,Web Designer, Software Developer & Android Application Developer

Software development is more than just a job to me. Its my passion. There is nothing that gives me satisfaction than developing a software program that is innovative and offers solutions to the users. In this technology era, people are searching for innovation and solutions that will revolutionize people’s lives and that’s what wakes me up every morning.My main aim in life is to play my part in the technology scene using my skills and wisdom to provide everyday technology solutions. Wisdom is knowing what to do next,skill is knowing how to do it and virtue is doing it






Here is a portfolio of websites I have done

Mobile Apps I have Done

This is what I can do

Web Design and Development

I design and develop any form of websites ranging from CMS (WordPress and Joomla) as well as custom websites

Mobile Application Development

I develop android and windows based mobile applications ranging from social,educative,e-commerce,etc

Software Development

I also develop software applications ranging from web and desktop based applications

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